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Digital Signage

  • D230

    Smart Retail Shelf Signage with Face Recognition for Precision Marketing

    For retailers who want to optimize shelf space to increase revenue with the innovative signage installation, the D230 is a perfect choice. The platform utilizes a 23.1’’ ruggedized shelf display combined with facial recognition and to play optimal multimedia contents, providing customer insights, and allowing for content triggering on detected age and gender. It’s available with standalone and server versions. For the server version, it helps you analyze data from viewers and make the precision marketing plans.

    The ARM-based Digital Signage solution

    Shuttle XPC Nano NS02 series is an ARM-based digital signage solution, with a case that measures only 0.5 liters in volume. Equipped with Rockchip Octa-Core processor and DDR3L 2GB low-voltage memory, the NS02 series supports the Android operating system (Android 5.1.1/ Android 8.1) with affordable price and excellent stability. With native HDMI video output, it drives a crystal-clear 4K Ultra HD content at 60Hz. In addition to built-in 16GB eMMC, this series also provides SATA storage interface and SD card reader for flexible storage expansion. Designed for ease of use, the new NS02E version can support PoE (Power over Ethernet) and allow users to do the on-site installation without any wire and AC adapter. Combined with Shuttle’s dedicated digital signage software, the NS02 series provides a powerful yet cost-effective solution to address the demand for a variety of digital signage.
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