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Shuttle’s XS35GS V3 (EU-Model XS35GTA V3) Received a Editor’s Choice Review from CDR. Info Website

2012/10/02United Kingdom / Report & Review / CDR. Info website

The Shuttle’s XS35GS V3 (EU-Model XS35GTA V3) has received the “Editor’s Choice” from CDR. Info website. According to CDR. Info’s review,”The Shuttle’s XS35GS V3 has the Radeon HD7410M chipset onboard ensuring playback of HD content and Blue-ray movies. It is a complete mini PC and a great solution for your entertainment placed in your living room (HTPC).”

“The XS35GS V3 is light weight, space saving and well-built, while it will remain completely silent as long as you choose to install an SSD drive.” Praised by CDR Info. ”If you are looking for a total silent mini PC with enough horsepower or with coving most of your office needs, the XS35GS V3 could easily be your choice.”

To read the full review article, please click Here.( http://www.cdrinfo.com/Sections/Reviews/Specific.aspx?ArticleId=34193&PageId=3)

About Shuttle

Established in 1983 and publicly listed since 2000, Shuttle Inc (TAIEX 2405) is an industry leading designer and manufacturer of small form factor (SFF) computers. Shuttle produced the first commercially-successful SFF computer, or Mini PC. It’s engineered to be smaller and more-efficient, yet just as powerful as a full size desktop. Succeeding the high reliability and quality of SFF, Shuttle seeks to provide further rounded solutions for digital home and commercial market.

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