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Be/Get Aluminized

Shuttle was one of the first PC hardware manufacturers to popularize the use of brushed aluminum cases, for the following aluminum advantages:
  • Durability:
    Aluminum needs no further treatment in ordinary environments because it forms a protective oxide coating upon exposure to the atmosphere, which makes the chassis resists corrosion, rust and discoloration.

  • Heat Dissipation:
    Aluminum is four times better at conducting heat than steel. This means when your machine begins to run hot during extended always-on periods, the chassis itself can act like a giant heat sink and helps to drive heat away from the computer. Excessive heat within the chassis can prematurely age and damage PC components as well as slow down your system's performance.

  • Distortion of Magnetism:
    Aluminum is the preferred metal in applications where magnetism may be a problem. Often powered speakers and monitors can pick up magnetic interference from an unshielded computer especially in the confined space of a dorm room, small apartment, or even a home theater. While Shuttle already takes great advantages to use other components to block magnetic distortion, the XPC's aluminum exterior provides an additional layer for the protection.

Small Box, Big Ideas

In the early days of the XPC's research and development, Shuttle engineers spent months experimenting with virtually every small form factor size, shape, and peripheral arrangement possible, trying to achieve the perfect balance between performance, functionality, and upgradeability. Shuttle XPC emerged from this process and prove to be one of the kind products in the market by received numerous international recognitions. The cube form factor used in today's XPCs is without question the best format for accomplishing our design objectives. But there are lots of ways to build a cube. Shuttle's ingenuity, unmatched expertise, and attention to quality are what make our designs the industry's best.

Shuttle XPC will continuously work toward:
  • Appearance - a sleek modern exterior design that will blend XPC into everyone's life
  • Management - a specialized cable management and modules to ease on upgradability which will provide a smooth installation experience
  • Efficiency - an low heat dissipation and low energy consumption XPC environment with great performance
At Shuttle We Create and We Care!

Green upgradibility

Traditionally, when it comes to replacing or upgrading motherboard of the mini-pc, only replacing the motherboard was not an option. For the first time, Shuttle merge green concept with its chassis by offering MINI-ITX(170x170mm) replacement mount, allow users to replace or upgrade with much more options.
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