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Extreme Cooling, Ultimate Performace!

Over the years Shuttle has integrate all the innovations from the past, offers numerous cooling design accomplishments to provide users a quieter and smooth XPC experiences.
  • Integrated Cooling Engine 2
  • ICE Bridge Cooling Technology
  • Fanless Cooling design
  • 80 Plus
combination of the above caring design will form an extreme slience XPC.

Integrated Cooling Engine 2 (ICE 2)

Like its predecessor Integrated Cooling Engine 2 (ICE 2) uses convection cooling to dissipate heat away from and around the CPU. With all the same basic concepts and designs, the new improved version ICE 2 includes, copper tubes coated in nickel enhances tube hardness and rust-proof protection are filled with distilled water, effectively channels heat away, providing high efficiency processor and chassis cooling. Allows XPC to remain under a stable, cool, concise and silent condition.

ICE Bridge Cooling Technology

Within the best performing platform is the top performance cooler, the newly designed Shuttle ICE Bridge Cooling Technology delivers just that. Specially designed 3-part heat-sinks interconnected by convection cooling pipes covering the North Bridge, South Bridge and MOSFET modules effectively dissipate heat without the use for fans. Featuring all-new heat pipe designs, Shuttle ICE Bridge allows users to enjoy longer component lifetime through lower temperatures and added system stability all in a silent operational environment.

Fanless Design

Conventional way using a fan as a cooling solution to dissipate heat away inside a computer. It usually generates noise, draws dust into the system as well as takes up the inner space. The Shuttle fanless design, implementing the ideal cooling concept and forms a special designed thermal module, ensures a passively cooled, quiet, dust-free and low energy consumption operating environment.
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