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Unique Feature

Small, but can do it all

Shuttle XPC has only 1/3 size of a traditional tower PC. It maybe small on the outside, but inside Shuttle XPC accompany the latest and fastest components. Like, for instance, the highest performance AMD and INTEL processors, latest DRAM-DDR3, high-end graphics cards (PCI-Express and dual-slots for CrossFire/SLI ), and 80 Plus certified PSU, which provide XPC the environment to run demanding applications such as 3D games, media design and multi-tasking.

Appearance is everything

Desktop literary means desk's top, so why hide it away under your desk. Shuttle XPC's compact dimension allows it to fit into the smallest spaces. With XPC's sleek and modern exterior design, you can put it anywhere and everywhere. Let others have a taste of your taste.

Power of performance and stability

Shuttle XPC has the versatility for future upgrades by providing essential components, like 500W 80Plus power supply unit, ICE 2 cooler, SATA 6.0 Gbps and USB 3.0 data transferring technology for advance users or gamers, to bring out the performance and stability one dreamed of.

More than just a PC

The Shuttle XPC isn't limited to typical office tasks. Thanks to its support for high-performance processors and graphic cards*, it is also a diverse single unit that comfortably replaces other devices such as a DVD-player, video recorder, games console, and music system. Instead of multiple machines, you only need one Shuttle XPC.
*supported graphic card size up to 273x98x42 (LxHxD)
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