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  • BR06S

    Security Made Easy: A Simple Standalone Solution for Facial Recognition

    With biometric access control, security made easy. The 7-inch BR06S is simply the most efficient and independent biometric model from Shuttle yet. This latest device is able to function without the use of a server, making it the perfect stand-alone solution for small and mid-sized businesses where there is a need for access control and time attendance. On top of its stylish design and the sleek layout, the BR06S is a master terminal that supports multi-factor verification via faces, fingerprints, NFCs or a combination of all three methods. Installations are also a breeze and can be done almost anywhere because of the BR06S’s convenient dimensions. The calibration of IR camera and IR LEDs helps ensure accuracy even in the near darkness. According to the experimental results, the system achieves a high recognition rate of 99%.
  • BR06

    A Turnkey Solution for Face Recognition

    Shuttle has dedicated to developing face recognition solution for many years. Shuttle has introduced new biometric solution-BR06, providing more fast recognition speed, larger user database, and lower power consumption. The intelligent facial feature identification capability provided by it consists of a non-invasive and non-contact biometric technology. The all-new BR06 is a 7-inch LCD single touch screen with fanless design. This system is built-in one IR camera and IR LEDs so users can enroll and detect their faces without light restriction to provide accurate recognition capability. System integrators can connect multiple peripherals via RS232, RS485, and GPIO. In addition, BR06 especially includes Wiegand interfaces to easily connect access control and security devices such as reader and door/gate locking hardware. The series provides the facial, NFC, and fingerprint (optional) multi-recognition to offer double or even triple authentication, designed for small and medium business, banks, education institutions, and communities for access control, security and VIP membership management applications.
  • HR70

    A Safe and Flexible Facial Recognition Solution

    Focusing on the vertical applications market, Shuttle has released the HR70, its latest facial recognition system in the field of biometrics. This system incorporates an all-in-one chassis design and a user-friendly operation interface to provide seamless, non-invasive, non-contact, intelligent facial recognition functionalities. The HR70 is equipped with a high-performance dual core processor that enhances recognition processing speeds and provides highly accurate recognition capabilities. The system features built-in dual Full HD cameras and LED supplement lighting that can perform biaxial facial recognition up to ±15 degree angles. The system can operate accurately even under low-light conditions. Simultaneously, the system is equipped with numerous I/O interfaces (i.e., RS232, RS485, and GPIO) that can be used to connect various external peripherals for expanded system operations. Thus, the HR70 is the optimal attendance or access control solution for general companies, government units, financial institutes, education departments, and communities and residences.
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