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Facial Recognition Solution for Access Control and Time Attendance

The 7-inch BR06S is a rapid, accurate, and safe identity confirmation for access control and time attendance. It provides multiple verification options such as the face, fingerprint, and NFC card method to further secure your place. Built-in IR camera and LEDs, BR06S maintains a high level of accuracy even under minimal light. With rich I/O interfaces, it’s easy to connect peripherals for diverse applications. Besides, it’s available with standalone and server versions depending on flexible needs.

Intuitive touch control

Designed with a 7-inch single touchscreen and easy-to-use GUI, the BR06S allows users to learn and use necessary control and functions with a deft finger press.

Multi-Factor Authentication

To further secure your place, the BR06S provides multiple verification options such as the face, fingerprint, and NFC card methods according to the level of security.

High Recognition Performance

Thanks to the advanced algorithms for face recognition, the BR06S’s False Acceptance Rate (FAR) testing results show a value of less than 0.01% and False Rejection Rate (FRR) testing results show a value of less than 1%.

Smart IR Camera and LEDs

With high definition IR Camera and LEDs, the face detection and identification of BR06S is possible even under minimal light.

Easy to Integrate

Built-in multiple I/O interfaces including Wiegand in/out, RS232, RS485, the BR06S can easily connect peripherals such as access mainframe, reader, door locker, alarm, and door sensor.
* UI of Wiegand in/out, RS232 and RS485 provided by customization.

Flexible choice: Standalone/Server version

BR06S is available with a standalone and server version. The standalone version is able to offline access management, suitable for small businesses. For the server version, it’s helpful for multiple terminals and central data management, especially applying to large enterprise.

IPCAM supported on the server version

Using the BR06S server version and IPCAM, walking by and detect is possible. Further with Edge computing the device(DH310S) and central server (SH370R8), it’s capable of completely building the real-time surveillance and attendance system.

Silent, Fanless Design

The BR06S features a fanless design to reduce the power consumption, eliminate the noise produced by a fan, and save the maintenance cost.

Auto Power On

The BR06S can be set to automatically power on when a power plug. With the auto power on, the system will work correctly once the power restart.

Easy to Install

The BR06S meets international VESA standards. With the optional mount bracket(PV06), BR06S can be easily installed on the wall without cables for a clean and neat outlook.

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