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Powerful Slim for Digital Signage Solution

The DS61 solution designed for the digital signage market, powered by H61 Express Chipset, supports Intel® Core™ i high-performance processor, with dual display interface for high-definition output capability, greatly upgrade the digital signage display quality and enhance customer viewing experience. The 43mm thin case of the DS61, is the thinnest H61 solutionon the market, and also supports VESA Mount capability, built-in RS232 / RS422 / RS485 dedicated interface to allow broader and extensible diverse application. The DS61 with energy-saving and low noise design can save your expenses and offer you the perfect solution for high-efficiency digital signage.

High performance platform

Shuttle’s DS61 based on Intel H61 Chipset and support Intel® Sandy / Ivy Bridge Core™ i3/i5/i7 65W high-performance processor, built-in Intel® Graphics HD 2000/3000(Sandy Bridge) or 2500/4000(Ivy Bridge) performance superior to Atom processor platform to meet perfect solution for application in digital signage.

Dual display interface with high-definition output

DS61 built-in HDMI and DVI-I dual display output support 1080p Full HD high-definition digital content, greatly upgrade digital signage display quality, enhance customer viewing experience.

H61 solution of the thinnest on the market

The DS61 use ultra-slim design, machine thickness of only 43mm, the thinnest on the market H61 solution. DS61 supports VESA Mount capability, body designed meet the international VESA standard Mount, capable of mounting to the rear of a LCD monitor or a TV. This space saving capability makes it easy to blend into any environment.

All Industrial Solid Capacitors-High Stability

Because of the demand operating environment of the digital signage solution, DS61 specially design to use the all Industrial Solid Caps. The system will not only be able to operate for longtime periods, even in the working environment up to 50 degrees Celsius (Note), still can maintain high stability.

Note: need to use SSD and rugged SODIMM

Multiple I/O interfaces Easy to setup the system

DS61 provides diverse I/O interface, especially the built-in RS232 / RS422 / RS485 dedicated interface, can easily link with a variety of peripheral, let digital signage easier to build and to extend multi-application areas.

Dual Gigabit LAN, USB 3.0 High transfer/connectivity

DS61 built-in Realtek 8111E dual LAN interface, supports 10Mb/s,100Mb/s,1000Mb/s high-speed transfer capacity, which can effectively control the network speed and built-in two groups of new generation of USB3.0 ports provide the highest 5.0Gbps transfer rate and significantly enhance digital signage data transfer efficiency and save the operating time.

Energy-saving & low noise design

The Shuttle’s DS61 system consumes less than 90W of power in full use, built-in intelligent high efficiency heat pipe cooling system and operate with low noise, enhance the power use efficiency and reduce power consumption. The power design save energy and money at the same time.

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