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The Cost Effective Fanless Slim PC for Commercial Applications

The new XS35V4 is built to meet the demands of commercial applications while reducing operation costs for businesses. The new XS35V4 slim PC is equipped with Intel® Bay Trail platform technology for enhanced system performance. With robust connectivity, the XS35V4 is designed for digital signage, thin client applications within retail, hospitality, education, and healthcare environments. It features multiple video outputs, including D-sub, HDMI, and DisplayPort that support dual-screen display of Full HD video. The 1 liter chassis features built-in Gigabit LAN, Wi-Fi, USB3.0/USB2.0 ports, and an SD card reader for flexible networking application and easy connectivity with peripheral devices. The XS35V4 is fanless and VESA mount-ready, using a mere 40W adapter for normal system operation.

Fanless Design

The XS35V4 uses a thermal module with cooled heat pipes to transmit heat throughout the system quickly and evenly. The unique fanless design reduces the power consumption required by a fan as well as the cost of replacing fans. Use with solid-state disks and create an operational platform completely free of noise.

Intel® Bay Trail Platform Technology

The XS35V4 is equipped with Intel® Bay Trail platform technology. Designed for low-power consumption, the 22 nm Quad-core Intel® Celeron® J1900 CPU integrates Intel® HD Graphics. Save energy with support for DDR3L low-voltage memory modules, effectively reducing the entire machine’s power consumption.

Full HD video content support

The device is capable of playing Full HD video with built-in D-sub, HDMI, and DisplayPort. Users can now send video and sound signal through a single wire with HDMI and DisplayPort connection.
The Max resolution:
D-sub port: 1920x1200
HDMI port: 1920x1200
Display port: 2560x1600

Dual Display Output

The XS35V4 supports dual display imaging using the following configurations: D-Sub + HDMI, D-Sub + DisplayPort, and HDMI + DisplayPort. Use an adaptor to convert HDMI into DVI interface and DisplayPort into HDMI or DVI interface for diversified signal selection.

USB3.0 high speed transmission

The XS35V4 has built-in a USB 3.0 port at the rear panel to provide high-speed transmission. A USB 3.0 port which supports up to 5 Gbps and provides 10 times greater data access speed than a USB 2.0 port.

Internal USB port

Internal USB ports ensure theft protection as USB connected devices are guarded within the chassis. In addition to the USB ports at the front and back panel, the XS35V4 provides one USB 2.0 port inside the chassis so users can install a USB TV tuner, USB 3G Module, or other USB expanders.

Support wire and wireless high-speed networks

The XS35V4 has built-in 10/100/1000 Mbps LAN interface and supports Wake On LAN function. With a built-in IEEE802.11b/g/n wireless network module* transmission rates reach up to 300 Mbps, significantly enhancing the system data transfer efficiency and operating time.
*Detail of WiFi support, please refer to the spec sheet.

Flexible configuration of ODD

The XS35V4 can be configured with either a CD-ROM drive (ODD) or an additional hard drive for more storage. Users can also choose the optional accessory PHD2 to support a second hard drive.

VESA Mount-Ready

The slim XS35V4 is VESA mount compliant and allows for versatile integration into hardware systems. This space saving capability is well-suited for digital signage applications with limited space.

24/7 Nonstop Operation

Shuttle XS35V4 is officially approved for 24/7 permanent operation. Thanks to Shuttle’s low power consumption design and provide a stable operating environment, this PC runs highly reliable for long-term demands of digital signage or other vertical applications.

Support Power on by RTC

By entering BIOS to set up the Power on by RTC, Shuttle’s XS35V4 allows user to set a time to boot up the system, which can also be turned on and off with the Windows task scheduler. This feature will benefit on the electricity and energy saving as well as the elimination the cost of on-site service.

The Watchdog—protecting system security

Watchdog Timer provides excellent security protection for systems that need to operate continuously for a long period of time. Use Shuttle’s Watch Dog utility to maintain normal operation and stability of the system at all times.

Customized Bios Service for Commercial Customers

For commercial customers, Shuttle provides BIOS-customized service. We offer assistance to help customers define parameters and functions of BIOS to the needs of OEM commercial customers.

Operating System support

Windows 7/8/8.1 64bit

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