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High-resolution triple-display slim PC

An all-around performance PC fit for home, small office, and industrial use, the compact barebone XH97V delivers big performance from a small device. The device is just as suitable for low-noise home-media PC with support for 4K displays as it is for digital signage applications. The XH97V is capable of delivering Full HD multi-media content to up to three screens simultaneously, driving down the cost of additional media players for three-display digital signs. Built on Intel® H97 Express chipset technology, the system supports 4th Generation Haswell/Haswell Refresh 65W processors and dual channel DDR3 1600 with up to 16GB of memory. What’s more, the built-in heatpipe plus smart fan cooling system ensures quiet operation and maximum stability, making the XH97V a very reliable system for a wide range of applications.

Support Intel® 4th generation Core™ processors

Featuring increased processing and graphics performance with support for Intel Haswell/Haswell Refresh 65W processors that integrate Intel® HD Graphics series core and DirectX 11.1.

Equipped with an Intel® 9 series Chipset

With integrated Intel® H97 Express Chipset, the XH97V supports dual channel DDR3 1600 with up to 16GB memory (8GBx2). The devices support Gigabit LAN, SATA 6Gbps, and USB3.0 interface for superb data transfer speed.

Supports an Optical Disk Drive (slim ODD)

Perfect for home theatre or other environments where a Blu-ray disk drive is needed, the XH97V integrates an ODD bay.

Greater life cycle and system stability

All the components of the highly integrated mainboard of this PC are fitted with modern solid capacitors, which offer six times the lifespan of normal capacitors and allow for operation in up to 50 ⁰C ambient temperatures.

Support 4K Ultra HD

HDMI and DisplayPort video outputs support 4K high resolution (3840x2160). Now with four times the resolution of Full HD, viewers can enjoy the crystal clear imaging of 4K.

Connect with three Full HD monitors independently

The XH97V delivers Full HD content on up to three independent screens via two display ports and one HDMI. This is great news for multi-display digital signage installers and those needing a three-screen workstation alike as it drives down the cost of an extra processor. Use an adaptor to convert HDMI into DVI interface and DisplayPort into HDMI or DVI interface for diversified signal selection.
*For triple display: convert two DisplayPort signals into HDMI or DVI with one active and one normal DisplayPort to HDMI or DVI cable (adapter).

24/7 Certified

Approved for 24/7 operation, the system uses smart fan and heat-pipe technology to keep things cool for extended periods of operation.

Heat pipe cooling technology

The XH97V features Shuttle’s exclusive heat pipe cooling module with smart fan design. The precise vent design allows for constant air circulation between the inside and outside of the machine, resulting in high stability and low noise for long-term operation.

Watchdog Security Protection

Watchdog Timer provides excellent security protection for systems that need to operate continuously for long periods of time. If a problem occurs, the system will quickly recover normal operating status for seamless security protection.

Support 2x Mini-PCIe Slots

The system features strong expandability with one full size and one half size Mini PCIe slots. This compact system can support mSATA SSD and WIFI modules, among other compatible modules.

Add extra storage or an ODD

Users can install additional storage and/or a slim line ODD with the following configurations: A) Two 2.5” storage drives and a slim line ODD or B) three 2.5” storage drives (SSD/HDD)*
*Note: Installation of ODD is not compatible with three SSD/HDD configuration.

Support optional VESA Mount

Designed to blend seamlessly into home and workplace environments, the XH97V is able to be mounted on the rear of LCD monitors with an optional PV02 VESA mount accessory.

Supports an optional 3.5” HDD

XH97V supports installation of an optional 3.5” HDD rack for increased storage through purchase of PHD4 accessory.
*Note: Installation of ODD is not compatible with 3.5” HDD configuration.

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