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SH370R6 V2

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Next Level Performance: High-end Mini Cube PC with Coffee Lake Processors

Shuttle's new version SH370R6V2 is a powerful, scalable mini PC solution to fit almost every need. Powered by 8th/9th gen Intel processor technology, the SH370R6V2 provides up to 8-core of processing power and delivers a significant performance boost. Through the rich set of I/O options, the SH370R6V2 supports up to 128GB of DDR4 RAM, up to 10Gb/s transfer rate of USB ports, two 3.5” hard drives, a dual-slot graphics card, a fast M.2 SATA/NVMe SSD, and even three 4K UHD displays. Designed for reliability, it comes with dual GigaLAN ports to ensure high availability of network access. With upgraded performance in a barely 14-liter chassis, the SH370R6V2 makes it easier for users to build what they need – ideal for mini server, mini workstation, and even gaming PC build.

Intel® 8/9th Generation Processors

Based on the Intel H370 chipset, the SH370R6V2 is designed for 8th/9th Gen Intel processors in the LGA 1151v2 package. Combining high-performance ingredients - up to 8 cores of processing power, up to 128GB (32GBx4) of DDR4 memory, integrated UHD graphics, and PCIe controllers to deliver outstanding performance onboard.

Intel® Optane™ Memory Ready

Supporting Intel’s Optane memory technology to accelerate traditional storage devices, the SH370R6V2 makes your overall system performance up to 28% faster to deliver amazing storage speed.

Intel® Rapid Storage Technology

The SH370R6V2 is equipped with Intel® H370 chipset which supports for four SATA/NVMe devices as well as Intel® Rapid Storage Technology. It provides RAID 0/1/5/10 disk array modes, allowing for faster and more secured data access rates.

4K UHD and Triple Display Experience

The SH370R6V2 features one HDMI and two DisplayPort outputs to drive up to three independent displays with 4K UHD resolution, delivering incredible clarity for maximum productivity. With built-in HDMI 2.0, it supports max. resolution up to 4096x2160 @ 60Hz.

Speedy Transmission with USB 3.1 Gen 2

The SH370R6V2 provides four sets of USB 3.1 Gen 2, USB 3.1 Gen 1 and USB2.0 for high-speed data transmission. With USB 3.1 Gen 2, users can take advantage of a maximum data rate of 10 Gbps, which achieves an almost a 2x improvement over USB 3.1 Gen 1 and a 20x improvement over USB 2.0.

High Storage Capacity with M.2

With native M.2 2280/2260/2242 Type M and one M.2 2230 Type E slot, the SH370R6V2 offers considerably faster storage performance and expansion capacity for M.2 SSD and Wi-Fi modules.
*M.2 supports both SATA and PCIe storage interfaces

Superb PCI-E Scalability

The SH370R6V2 provides one PCI-E x 16 3.0 slot and one PCI-E x 4 3.0 slot for multiple expansion cards support. Select the card you want to use, such as multi-display graphic cards, monitor cards, RAID cards, and professional sound cards for video wall, file server, network video recorder, and more applications.

High-Speed Dual Gigabit LAN

The SH370R6V2 has built-in dual Intel® i211 Gigabit LAN and supports Wake On LAN and Teaming Mode function to provide high-speed data transfer capability and thus a better business networking integration.

Exclusive Cooling Technology

The SH370R6V2 features Shuttle’s exclusive heat-pipe cooling system with smart fan design. The clever ventilation design allows for constant air circulation between the inside and outside of the machine resulting in high stability and low noise for long-term operation.

Certified for 80 PLUS Bronze

The SH370R6V2 is equipped with an 80 PLUS Bronze 300W power supply for guaranteed energy efficiency and energy saving. The 300W power supply cuts down on unnecessary power consumption for a higher level of energy saving.

24/7 Nonstop Operation

Officially approved for 24/7 permanent operation. Thanks to Shuttle’s low power consumption design and stable operation, the SH370R6V2 runs highly reliable and meets the long-run demands of computing work.

Support Power on by RTC

Save energy costs as well as the cost of on-site service with Power-On by RTC function. Set automatic ‘Power On’ and ‘Power Off’ times by RTC via BIOS. Power on by RTC can also be turned on and off with the Windows task scheduler.

The Watchdog

Watchdog Timer provides excellent security protection for systems that need to operate continuously for a long period of time. Use Shuttle’s Watch Dog utility to maintain normal operation and stability of the system at all times.

Operating System Support

- Windows 10 64bit
- Linux

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