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Xtended Storage Enclosure

Designed to match the design aesthetics of the Shuttle XPC-the world’s best-selling small form factor computer-the PE20 Xtended Storage Enclosure features leading-edge design innovation that make it the perfect way to integrate today’s advanced storage technologies into your workflow and lifestyle.

The PE20’s incredibly tough, yet lightweight aluminum outer shell protects your precious hardware and data investments. It’s been designed from the ground up to visually and technologically match the style and performance metrics of the groundbreaking Shuttle XPC.

Rugged aluminum construction

Tough, yet light aluminum outer protects your precious hardware and data.

Stackable design

The optimal solution for your growing storage requirements!

Compatible w/ 3.5”, 5.25” drives

Near universal compatibility with IDE optical (DVD & CD) and hard drives

Stereo audio out

Enhances your multimedia experience with simple plug & plug operation

Designed for the XPC

Superb brushed aluminum finish and perfect color match (black & silver)

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