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SN95G5 V2

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64-bit power computing! more protection for your files !

The XPC SN95G5 V3 destroys the myth that bigger PCs are faster. Designed for power-hungry users, this AMD Athlon 64-based small form factor (SFF) computer delivers tower-crushing, performance in one-third the space. Do everything faster, get the XPC SN95G5 today! The XPC SN95G5 is an ideal: LAN-gaming PC; Home gaming machine; Digital media management center; Digital content workstation.

The SN95G5 V3 Hardware Firewall protects your PC from intruders by filtering unauthorized traffic.

AMD Athlon 64 Processors (Socket 939)

AMD introduced the next natural step in desktop processor development - the Athlon 64. This processor delivers greater bandwidth, processing power and on a whole, better performance than existing, legacy 32-bit chips. User's clamored to join the 64-bit revolution and channel partners had few issues moving boxes.

Now with the introduction of Socket 939 processors based on the same Athlon 64 architecture, user's can experience more raw power and even better memory performance. Increased HyperTransport bandwidth allows for a full 1GHz (1600MT/s) CPU-Northbridge link. The on-chip, Dual-Channel DDR400 memory controller of the NVIDIA nForce 3 250 GB Chipset provides a palpable performance boost.

NVIDIA nForce 3 250 GB Chipset

Based on the NVIDIA nForce3 250 GB chipset, the SN95G5 V3 delivers cutting-edge features and wicked-fast performance. Supporting new-to-market Socket 939 Athlon 64 processors, this chipset supports a fast 1GHz system bus with upstream and downstream data transfers equating to an amazing 1600MT/s (Mega Transfers per second ). In addition, the nForce3 chipset supports high-bandwidth 8X AGP cards.

Hardware Firewall

high-performance, network-level firewall, this Hardware Firewall protects your PC from intruders by filtering unauthorized traffic. Integrated into The SN95G5 V3, it provides professional-grade traffic inspection capabilities, advanced management features--remote access, configuration, and monitoring--and is easy to use and setup via a user friendly wizard.

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