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How many kinds of output resolution for 4K 4-screen that DH02U can support for TV wall function? Also how to set up?

Because DH02U has built-in NVIDIA GTX 1050 graphics card, if you need to use the TV wall function, you can use the Surround function of NVIDIA Control Panel to set up, and this function needs to control the specification through the NVIDIA Driver.
Currently there are three output resolutions available, i.e. 7680x4320, 4096x3072, 3200x2400.
Other resolutions do no support yet.
If you just need a general display or extended display function, you can use the Built-in display setting function of Windows directly.
Please refer to the following steps to set up Surround function of NVIDIA Control Panel.
Please click the Right mouse button first, and then click the “NVIDIA Control Panel”.
1. Please click “Configure Surround, PhysX”.
2. Please check “Span displays with Surround”.
3. Please click “Configure…”, it will open NVIDIA Set Up Surround page.
1. Please confirm that all screens are checked.
2. Please select 2x2 mode.
3. Please move the screen to the corresponding position.
4. Please click “Enable Surround” to enable the TV wall function.
1. Please select one of these three resolutions (7680x4320, 4096x3072, 3200x2400).
2. Please click “Apply” to complete the setting.
If you need to disable the video wall function, please refer to the above steps to open the NVIDIA Set Up Surround page, and click “Disable Surround” to disable the video wall function.

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