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Q. What types of graphic cards are compatible with the different power supplies of SH55J2 is used?

Shuttle PC61J 300W power supply is originally preinstalled in SH55J2. Since a higher level of power consumption will be achieved by using current high-end graphic cards, Shuttle is going to supply a new accessories for upgradeable power supplies as PC63J 500W which has been certificated by 80 Plus.
Herewith a list is to give users a clear direction of what types of high-end graphic cards are supported by using Shuttle upgradable power supplies and different CPU of SH55J2.

Please refer to below configuration and support list. If you look for the Shuttle upgradable power supplies, please contact the local distributor or branch for your requirement.

Service Center Info

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Hours : Monday through Friday 09:00 to 12:00
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