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How to enable SLI function on SN26P? Which part do I need to notice?

We knew SN26P provide two 16x PCI-E slots for the SLI feature, please follow up the steps below to enable this feature:

1.Make sure the same nVidia PCI-E video card(6600GT or higher) plug into according PCI-E slot, and proper installation of the bridge daughter board(yellow area) is required.
If this connector is not plug into according position, OS will appear error message from driver utility:
2. After proper hardware installation, we will see two VGA card in device manager and nVidia driver utility remind us SLI function can be enable.
pic 2
3.In nVidia driver utility, we can see “SLI multi GPU” and “show GPU load balancing” function can be enable. When enable this function, OS need reboot again for renew status.
pic 2
4. Show GPU load balancing in branch mark utility (blue arrow)

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