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What’s the difference between Automatic, Manual Online and Manual Offline settings for RAID1 in RAID Configuration Utility?

This is an application note for customers who want to configure a Raid 1 mirror using any Silicon Image storage product on a system with an existing OS and file system installed on their machine.

The "auto configuration" utility provided in our software is intended for users who are going to format the drive or do a fresh installation. When using this auto-configuration, the BIOS will only mark both drives as Raid 1 and identical without copying the data.

The “Manual Online” utility provide in RAID Configuration Utility is intended to scan and copy the difference of data in the background of operating system.

The “Manual Offline” utility provide in RAID Configuration Utility is intend to rebuild RAIDSet manually.

More information can be found at http://www.siliconimage.com/home.asp

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