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Your gateway to the web…

Shuttle’s SB52G2 is the perfect platform for you email, file or web server. This small form factor (SFF) computer ships with an exhaustive list of networking and file sharing features bundled in the box. This powerfully stable and affordable SFF computer shatters the notion that a server must be large to be effective.

“The SB52G2 is another well-designed, stylish … system from Shuttle that will work well as a broadband gateway or a mail server/fileserver for small businesses” — PC Pro

The XPC SB52G2 is an ideal:
Desktop replacement; LAN-gaming server; SOHO mail, file server; Linux server!
PROCESSOR Socket 478 , Pentium 4 & Celeron , 400/533MHz FSB
MEMORY DDR 200/266 * 2
VIDEO OUTPUT Intel 845GV , 256-bit 3D engine
AUDIO AC '97 V2.2 , Support Digital SPDIF In/Out
FRONT PANEL USB * 2 , Earphone * 1 , MIC * 1 , SPDIF* 1
BACK PANEL PS/2 Keyboard & Mouse * 1 , USB * 2 , LAN * 1 , SPDIF * 1
DIMENSIONS (L)300*(W)200*(H)185
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