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Specifications Compatibility
Model number Description
DH02U SERIES More Robust than Ever: 1 liter PC with NVIDIA graphics and 4 x HDMI
DH110 Drive 4K and Rich Interactive Content with Intel® skylake platform
DH110 SE A good value 4K signage player
DH170 A three independent screens playback Slim PC with Intel® skylake/kabylake platform
DH270 Rugged and powerful enough to drive even up to three 4K displays
DH310 Small Package, Big Value: 1-liter Coffee Lake PC with Dual 4K Display Support
DH310S Solid Entry-level Choice: Affordable 1-liter PC with Dual 4K Display Support
DH310V2 Small Package, Big Value: 1-liter Coffee Lake PC with Dual 4K Display Support
DH32U/DH32UE SERIES Speed up your creation Powerful 4K with Quad display support
DH370 Engineered to Performance: Powerful 1-liter 4K PC for Three Displays
DH410 Experience the 10th Gen Power Full-sized PC Performance in a tiny footprint
DH410S Upgrade of Solid Entry-level 1-liter PC with Intel 10th Gen power
DH470 Robust Multitasking 1 liter PC for Three Displays Powered by Intel 10th Gen Processors
DH610 14th Gen Hybrid Power Simplifies AI Tasks
DH610S 1-liter Entry-level PC Powered by Advanced 14th Gen CPU
DH670/DH670 V2 14th Gen CPU AI PC Enhancing Productivity with 4-Display Capability
DL10J Entry-level Redefined: Fanless 1 liter PC with Intel Gemini Lake
DL20N/DL20N V2 SERIES Best Budget Fanless Business PC. Powerful, Energy-Saving and Robust Connectivity
DL30N SERIES Maximize IoT Capabilities With 12th-Gen Processor PC: Triple Displays, Dual 2.5G Lan, Versatile Applications
DQ170 Higher security slim PC for business applications with Intel® vPro™ technology
DX30 A space and energy saver with new Intel® Apollo Lake platform
NC03B SERIES Instant Streaming with Shuttle
NC03U SERIES Small size, full-featured Mini PC with new Kabylake platform
NC10U SERIES Palm-sized, 4K Capable Box PC with New Whiskey Lake
NC40U SERIES Multi-Tasking & Superior Performance for Your Business Needs
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