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Feature Specifications

Absolute Quiet, Zero Maintenance

The XS29F is the first VIA Nano-based model among Shuttle Embedded Slim series.
Powered by the VIA Nano processor, the XS29F ideally suits requirement of superb performance with great power efficiency. It is a compact, quiet and durable embedded system that makes it a perfect fit for light users, Internet users, novices and office administrators. Fanless by design, the Shuttle XS29F offers radiator-like design for cooling while operates without noisy fans that might draw dust in to the system.

VIA CPU onboard

The XS29F is based on the VIA Nano Processor U-series processor with ultra low power feature. It runs at top performance with very low power draw while improves thermal management to enjoy more sustainable computing at the same time.

Fanless Design

It’s a conventional way using fans as a cooling solution to dissipate heat away from computer. However, it usually generates noise, draws dust into the system as well as occupies the inner space. Using an integrated sink and thermal pads as its cooling system, the Shuttle XS29F is designed without fans that serves the following benefits.

Noise Free: No more suffering from fan noise. The XS29F is a fanless design that runs silently with no operating noise and provides a comfortable noiseless environment.

Dust/Dirt Free: The XS29F is an embedded system that many components are already built-in and with no moving parts. There is no draft in the chassis, therefore preventing dust and dirt in the enclosure.

Spacious: Measuring mere 3 inches slim, the XS29F is packed with all the hardware for just about any application you need. The best of all, it only takes up minimal space.

Small But Can Do It All

Enjoy the full-featured XS29F to lead your day by accessing the internet, emails, office applications, or simply enjoying multimedia entertainment. The XS29F is a modern solution to let you stay connected in an easy way.

DVI and D-Sub Support

Supporting both DVI and D-Sub ports, users are able to utilize analog and digital signals. To experience the greatest benefits of using a digital display device, DVI is made to maximize the quality of flat panel LCD monitors.


The XS29F is a quiet PC which makes ultra low noise. With reduction in energy saving becomes an important issue of eco trends, the XS29F consumes very little power. You can easily save energy and money at the same time. All components of XS29F meet rigorous guidelines of RoHS.

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