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Immerse yourself in a variety of acoustic music with Shuttle PS21 mini 2.1 channel speaker system. High-quality acoustics in a sleek and compact design, Shuttle PS21 provides up to 5 acoustic selections, normal, classic, rock, pop and jazz which create rich listening surroundings. Shuttle never forgets to fulfill your visual entertainment! The unique LED lights blink with the tempo of the music and create an unmatched musical feast.

High Quality Acoustics

- Mini 2.1 channel multi-media speaker system
- 5 sound selections provided: normal, classic, rock, pops and jazz. Matching 3D Effect and Bass Booster can change 20 kinds of sound modes. It creates a multiple listening surroundings
- The designing of dynamic low frequency circuit, even with the volume is low, can fell the energy of bass

Visual Entertainment

- 64 LEDs blink with the tempo of the music and create a musical feast combined with music and lighting

Compact Size

- The 3-inch thin aluminum speaker, which is made of powerful magnet, emphasizes a noble quality
- The mini bass adopts compound materials and avoids bulky and dull impressions of wooden speakers. It gives listeners a choice of sound quality and nice looking


- The 3.5 mm stereo earphone socket can be connected with various sound sources such as PC, NB, MP3, MP4, DVD player and MP3 cellular phone
- Using the advanced technologies of Bi-injection and electroplating to express the fine quality of modern artisan techniques. Can be matched best with iPod

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