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Specifications Compatibility
Model number Description
SA76R4 Power and Performance, Nicely Done
SG41J1 The Entry-Level J Series
SG41J1 PLUS Power Up Your Everyday Computing
SG41J4 Economic entry-level Mini-Barebone
SH55J2 The Ideal Mini-PC for Home Entertainment
SH61R4 Bring Sophistication to Your Home and Office
SH67H3 Your Best Choice for Digital Home Entertainment
SX58H7 PRO Ultimate Reinforcement – Fully Armed
SX58J3 The Next-Generation Gaming PC Unleashed
SX79R5 Feel an Extraordinary Experience
XS35GS V3 The Power-Packed Nettop
XS35GS V3L Tailored for HTPC & Office system
XS35V3 The Cedar Trail-Powered Nettop
XS35V3L Ultra Slim Digital Signage Player
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