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Model number Description
SA76G2 Exceptional HD Computing
SD30G2 PLUS Legend Style, Excellent Performance
SD39P2 The Quad-Core Flagship
SG31G2 Hi-Def Your Vision
SG31G2 V2 Hi-Def Your Vision
SG33G5 Hi-Def Your Vision
SG33G5 PRO Hi-Def Your Vision
SG33G5M D'VO – True-to-life entertainment
SG33G5M DELUXE D'VO – True-to-life entertainment
SG33G6 DELUXE Hi-Def Your Vision
SG45H7 All-Purpose Solution to Real HD Demanding
SN68PTG5 Hi-Def Your Vision
SN68PTG6 DELUXE Hi-Def Your Vision
SN68SG2 Hi-Def Your Vision
SP35P2 Revolution of Hardcore Platform
SP35P2 PRO Revolution of Hardcore Platform
SP45H7 Accelerate Your Gaming Power
SX38P2 PRO Revolution of Hardcore Platform
SX48P2 DELUXE An Ideal Setup for Hardcore Gamers
SX48P2 E Simplifying Your Digital Media Experience with Shuttle SX48P2 E Mini-PC
SX58H7 Meant to Offer Highest Performing Value
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