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Specifications Compatibility
Model number Description
XC60J Completely Fanless, Highly Connectable Slim PC
XG41 The Best Companion for Your Business Needs
XH110/XH110V A connectable media player to drive Digital Signage and Kiosk
XH110G Compact and Robust Multi-display Digital Signage Player –XH110G
XH170V Supports 4K & Intel® Skylake Platform -XH170V Slim PC
XH310/XH310V Great Value Versatility: 3-liter 4K PC with Next-Gen Performance
XH310R/XH310RV Compact 4K PC with High Scalability for Diverse Applications
XH410G 3-liter mini-PC with a PCIE x16 slot enables more functionality
XH510G 3 liter Mini PC with An Extra PCI-e x 16 Slot Supports Flexibility in Edge Computing
XH61 Cost-Optimized Solution
XH610/XH610V Intel 14th Gen CPU for Maximized Connectivity and AI Computing Performance
XH610G The 3-Liter Versatile Mini-PC Boosts Your AI Tasks
XH61V Stability and Cost-efficient for your innovative business solution
XH81V/XH81 Interactivity through connectivity
XH97V High-resolution triple-display slim PC
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