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Model number Description
DH170 A three independent screens playback Slim PC with Intel® skylake/kabylake platform
DQ170 Higher security slim PC for business applications with Intel® vPro™ technology
DS81 A new 4K signage player
DS81L High-performance 12V Slim PC for commercial application
DS87 Compact and robust Digital Signage Player to support 3 displays
SH170R6 The high performance Mini PC with Intel® Skylake platform
SH81R4 Small but strong performance Mini PC for diverse applications
SH87R6 A New Shocking Experience for Entertainment
SH97R6 Triple-display Mini server, SH97R6
SZ170R8 Big storage and high-end graphics applications
SZ68R5 Greater Performance, Luxury and Quality
SZ87R6 High-Performance Multi-Display & Video Wall
XH170V Supports 4K & Intel® Skylake Platform -XH170V Slim PC
XH81V/XH81 Interactivity through connectivity
XH97V High-resolution triple-display slim PC
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