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Model number Description
SA76G2 Exceptional HD Computing
SA76G2 V2 Exceptional HD Computing Upgraded
SB51G Great features, value!
SB51G (NEON-EDITION) Colorful Neon Basis, Brilliant Performance
SB52G2 Your gateway to the web…
SB61G2 Excellent integration, features!
SB61G2 V3 Excellent integration, features!
SB61G2 V4 Excellent integration, features!
SB62G2 Serve it style!
SB63G2 SB63G2
SB65G2 Great performance at a great price!
SB75G2 Move up to the SB75G2!
SB81P “High-Voltage“ Computing
SB83G5 Exceptional style, flexibility
SB83G5C ' Build Your Own Home Theater '--XPC MAX
SB83G5M Barebone for your Media Center entertainment - compatible with Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005
SB86I XPC SB86i: A silent approach
SB87G5 Performance comes home
SB95P Next Generation Performance
SB95P V2 Fantastic features for latest technologies
SD11G5 A Silent Performer
SD30G2 Legend Style, Excellent Performance
SD30G2B Legend Style, Excellent Performance
SD30G5 Legend Style, Excellent Performance
SD31P XPC SD31P -- Next Generation Technology
SD32G2 Excellent integration, features!
SD32G2B Excellent integration, features!
SD32G5 Excellent integration, features!
SD36G5M Media Center PC with Viiv Technology
SD37P2 The Performance Leader
SD37P2 V2 The Performance Leader
SD39P2 The Quad-Core Flagship
SG33G5 Hi-Def Your Vision
SG33G5 PRO Hi-Def Your Vision
SG33G5M D'VO – True-to-life entertainment
SG33G5M DELUXE D'VO – True-to-life entertainment
SG33G6 DELUXE Hi-Def Your Vision
SK21G Price/performance bull's eye
SK22G2 Excellent integration, features!
SK43G Excellent value, functionality…
SK43G SE The integration of fashion and computer
SK83G XPC SK83G delivers 64-bit value
SN21G5 Family XPC, Gaming XPC
SN25P Wicked fast, exceptional expansion
SN41G2 Built for [easy] performance…
SN45G For overclockers, enthusiasts…
SN45G V3 For overclockers, enthusiasts…
SN85G4 The Enjoyable Computer
SN85G4 V2 The Enjoyable Computer
SN85G4 V3 The Enjoyable Computer
SN95G5 64-bit power computing!
SN95G5 V2 64-bit power computing! more protection for your files !
SP35P2 PRO Revolution of Hardcore Platform
SS21T NanoBTX form factor
SS30G2 Excellent integration, features!
SS30G2 SE (CHINA & EUROPE EXCLUDE) Excellent integration, features!
SS31T NanoBTX form factor
SS50C Enhanced productivity, value
SS56G Hot features, cool price!
SS56G V2 Hot features, cool price!
SS56G V3 Hot features, cool price!
SS56L Styled to be digital
SS58G2 Hot features, cool price!
SS59G Price/performance bull's eye
SS59G V2.0 Price/performance bull's eye
ST20G5 ST20G5
ST61G4 New levels of visual splendor
SX58H7 Meant to Offer Highest Performing Value
XS35 Slim and Quiet
XS35GS V2 The Power-Packed Nettop
XS35GT The Ultimate Slim PC
XS35GT V2 The Dominant Slim PC
XS35V2 Slim and Revolutionary
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